‘Pairs’ – why they just work!


Calm, confident, adventurous; these photographs evoke the antagonisms of family and friends. They capture the ups and downs of close relationships, without malice. The ideas for the images were formed by the pairs, in collaboration with the photographer – the mannerisms, expressions and gestures were ‘acted out’ for the camera.
Black and white medium format film captures the subjects in isolation; the lack of colour focuses the viewer’s attention on the characteristics and actions of the sitters. Within this set of imagery is a hint of the iconic photographer Richard Avedon, in the use of the ‘High Key’ techniques from his series The Americans. (1979)
The tension between pairs is not always obvious in real life, this constructed imagery empowers the sitters to release and embrace the bond between them. As mentioned by Patsy, “that was fun…” the photographs have a playful edge that is seen in the reactions and expressions on the faces photographed.

Stephen Gallagher

Portrait, Black & White, Silver Print, Exhibition, High Key